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Top five benefits of Yoga

By Alex Paredes

Over the last few years yoga has taken over pop culture. Everyone is doing yoga, talking about doing yoga, or experimenting with the want and need to implement yoga in their daily lives. We have included yoga as part of our services in conjunction with the series of nutrition and wellness menu items. Here are our top five reasons why we believe yoga is good for anyone’s everyday life:

  1. Yoga is for everyone – It’s meant to relax, rejuvenate, recharge, release, and refresh your inner connection to your body and mind. Allow yourself to appreciate the time you are giving to yourself and relax. It doesn’t happen as often as we need it.
  2. Yoga teaches you to understand your body – The practice of yoga serves as a link to the acceptance of our body. One can learn physical, mental and emotional strengths. Learn to accept your body for what it is and connect with your needs. Let your body tell you what it needs to be worked on instead of the other way around.
  3. Yoga serves as a great way to recover after workouts – Your body needs to release toxins after every workout and drinking a lot of water isn’t always enough. Yoga gives the body the opportunity to stretch out while building core strengths. Every stretch releases toxins which allows for more recovery time and less soreness the following days.
  4. Yoga = Meditation – Giving yourself time to meditate helps with finding ways to love your present. We all live busy lives, which can translate into worrying about the things we don’ get done. Meditation lets you refocus and rejuvenate yourself while releasing the stress.
  5. Yoga is for you – You get out what you want to get out of yoga. It serves as your time for YOU.

Our Yoga sessions are on Wednesdays at 7:30, call us at 317-580-0101 for more information.

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